155, Brīvības str., Rīga
LV-1012, Latvia
Tel. +371 67 339 536

Breeder Club of the ‘Komeks’ company was founded in 1994.

The main thing that unites members of our club is their particular attitude towards dogs. A dog is not just a domestic animal; it is a full-fledged family member. Therefore it deserves to live a full life. The quality of life is directly connected with the nutrition the animal gets. For this reason, one of the core tasks of our Breeder Club is to provide dogs with food, as qualitative as the other family members get.

To facilitate pet care for the participants of our Breeder club, we have developed a special Breeder programme. It allows all members to purchase ACANA & ORIJEN superpremium class professional dog food on more favourable conditions. This food does not contain synthetic preservatives, colouring agents or additives. Primary products of ACANA & ORIJEN food do not contain hormones and are not genetically modified. This balanced nutrition will strengthen your pet’s immunity and will keep up its fitness no matter what breed or age.

Moreover, our Breeder club gladly provides sponsorship for various events where your dog can show itself off but you can exchange knowledge and experience with other dog owners.

There are 1300 active members in our Breeder club at the moment; fifty from them are breeders. Every breeder or just a dog owner can become a member of our Breeder club. On concluding the agreement on Breeder program you will be entitled to all the advantages and bonuses offered to the members of our club.