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 Toilet fillings Ever Clean are produced in USA since 1987.
Ever Clean is a Premium class series of high quality crumpling cat toilet fillings with unique features.
Ever Clean toilet fillings:
- are economic, as 1 kg absorbs up to 5 litre of liquid;
- Are hypoallergic – 99% made of specially treated, cleaned and free of dust clay, thus rarely cause allergic reaction of cats and people.
- are suitable for kittens;
- have antibacterial and deodorizing effects.
Special additives in Ever Clean annihilate the bacteria and absorb the smell, but some kinds of  Ever Clean emit aroma in contact with liquid.
One of the latest innovations in the field of toilet fillers is an American patented technology with the use of activated carbon. Producing the Ever Clean fillings the two patented Technologies are used to control the undesirable smell. The manufacturers added the traditional antibacterial component in the granules coat a new development – „smell trap”. It is a specially treated activated carbon in the granule core. The capsules of activated carbon absorb and keep the smell inside them. They are added to the basic granules of high-quality clay with the antibacterial component, which destroys the bacteria that cause the smell.