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Canadian company Champion Petfoods has a 25-year experience in producing exclusive food for animals including food of new generation marked as ORIJEN. The motto of Champion Petfoods company is: BEST FEED FOR ANIMALS FROM FRESH CANADIAN INGREDIENTS. This motto is also related to ORIJEN food. Cheap ingredients from unknown suppliers including cheap cereals and frozen meat products of unknown origin brought from unknown places are not used in the production of the food. Champion Petfoods uses only fresh products of the best quality and only of local origin. Ingredients are delivered to the plant every day by trusted suppliers.

ORIJEN food - is a new trend in nutrition of pets: it is biologically corresponding. Biological correspondence approach is rather simple: to use fresh products, which are naturally used by cats and dogs (in a right proportion and quantity) and to exclude such ingredients as crop plants which do not correspond to animals’ natural nutrition. ORIJEN food is rich in proteins while the number of carbohydrates in them is very low; there is no cereal either.
The product consists of fresh ingredients in biologically correct proportion: (70/30/0) 70% meat, 30% fruit and vegetables, 0% cereals. ORIJEN presents optimal food for your dogs and cats which corresponds to their diet proposed by the nature itself.