155, Brīvības str., Rīga
LV-1012, Latvia
Tel. +371 67 339 536

A German company Tetra exists for 50 years and is well-known worldwide as a leading producer of food for fishes and reptiles, aquarium techniques and garden pond equipment. The company enlarges its product range continuously; at the moment it produces hundreds of product range articles. For aquarium owners the company offers:
- Food and care products for sea fishes (TetaMarin)
- water quality control techniques (Tetratests)
- water care techniques (TetraAqua)
- water plants care products (TetraPlant)
- medical products (TetraMedica)
- artificial plants (Tetra Plantastics)
- aquarium equipment (Tetratec).

Tetra also publishes books on aquarium fish’s care, reptile care and amphibian care.
Tetra company has its branch companies worldwide (USA, Japan, France, Italy, Great Britain and SAR), its products are sold in 90 countries of the world.